Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

My brothers Nate and Ben came to stay with us on Thursday and Friday.  We went on a triple date on Friday night and saw the movie "The Switch" and then went and got mine and Andy's favorite treat...RED MANGO!  It was fun to have them here and Andy and I felt like we had bodyguards with us since Nate is 6'4" and Ben is 6'5".  Then on Saturday Andy and I went to Logan to celebrate Andy's grandpas 90th birthday!  We love Grandpa Fairbourn!!  I guess the trip was even worth the speeding ticket that Andy got on the way home...oopsie!
My hot date!

Ben & Sarah...love this pic of Sarah!

Nate & Robin (Nate recently had shoulder surgery)

Andy's Grandpas 90th Bday Party in Logan

The Champions of the potato sack races
Uncle Marv, Evan, Andy & Travis

Ladies Tug-of-war...we won!!!
Karen, Connie, Stephanie, Me, Stacey & Andrea

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  1. Oh my gosh- could you be any cuter?!?! Congrats on tieing the knot! he's a cutie! you look SO happy! that's so great! Now, I can look forward to the "i'm prego" post... LOL- yay right! your such doll, congrats again, so happy for you!