Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

My brothers Nate and Ben came to stay with us on Thursday and Friday.  We went on a triple date on Friday night and saw the movie "The Switch" and then went and got mine and Andy's favorite treat...RED MANGO!  It was fun to have them here and Andy and I felt like we had bodyguards with us since Nate is 6'4" and Ben is 6'5".  Then on Saturday Andy and I went to Logan to celebrate Andy's grandpas 90th birthday!  We love Grandpa Fairbourn!!  I guess the trip was even worth the speeding ticket that Andy got on the way home...oopsie!
My hot date!

Ben & Sarah...love this pic of Sarah!

Nate & Robin (Nate recently had shoulder surgery)

Andy's Grandpas 90th Bday Party in Logan

The Champions of the potato sack races
Uncle Marv, Evan, Andy & Travis

Ladies Tug-of-war...we won!!!
Karen, Connie, Stephanie, Me, Stacey & Andrea

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wedding Highlight Video

We got the link for our wedding highlight video today!!!  It highlights us outside the Draper temple and also at our wedding reception in Utah.  I posted a link in my last post but this one is different because it includes the reception.  I loved my wedding day!!  Thanks to Kale Fitch Productions who was the talented videographer!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marriage = A New Blog!!

On June 12, 2010 I married Andrew Rowell in the Draper Temple!!!  After waiting for 26 1/2 years for this special day, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!  The thing I was most concerned about (besides Andy chickening out at the last minute) was the weather because we were having an outdoor reception.  I checked the weather daily and as the date got closer the chance of precipitation got higher and higher, up to 70%.  It poured and poured the day before and I was almost certain we'd be rained out...but luckily it only rained during the luncheon (which was indoors) and a little bit before the reception was supposed to start.  At 6:55 pm it looked like clear skies and we moved everything that was inside back outside!  We were able to have a beautiful outdoor reception, thanks to Andy's friends parents the Horman's, who let us use their gorgeous backyard.  Thank you also to mine and Andy's parents for everything they did to make this day so amazing for us!  Oh, and did I mention that Andy looked really hot?!  Maybe handsome is a better word?  Anyway, I'm one lucky girl! 

The day flew by and at the end of the reception I couldn't believe it was all over.  As a girl your wedding day is something you look forward to for a long time and it's crazy how quick it's over!  Then it was off to Kauai, Hawaii for our Honeymoon.  I had never been to Hawaii before, it was amazing and I can't wait to go back.

Tomorrow is the two month mark from the day we got married.  So now, we are just enjoying "Marital Bliss!"  Marriage is great and I'm loving it a lot more than dating and WAY more than being engaged! 

Andy always teased me when we were dating because I had a blog and he joked that blogs are for people with kids!  Well, we don't have kids yet but I thought it would still be appropriate to start a new blog since we're married!  Do you approve Andy?!  Andy's nickname with his friends is "Rowell Train" and so I stole his nickname and I'm using it for our blog...THE ROWELL TRAINS! 

Below is a link for our same day edit video that Kale Fitch did.  I'll post our wedding highlight video once we get it.  Also, we are still waiting on our wedding pictures, so I'll post those in the (hopefully) near future!  Until then, here are a few random wedding pics and Honeymoon pics!


 Andy's friends and their wives...they are my friends too!

 This was at the Idaho Reception!